Songkran is an annual festival, which takes place over 3 days, during the Thai New Year of 13th-15th April. Although officially the festival covers 3 days, the reality is that the whole week is taken over by this mass celebration. During this time, the whole country comes to a complete standstill with music, dancing, drinking and people getting soaked. ¬†Songkran is regarded as the world’s biggest water fight!

Originally it started as a Buddhist tradition, using a light sprinkling of water to symbolise purification but, as time has passed, people began splashing each other in a more playful manner ….until in more recent years, when the entire country turns into one massive water fight celebrated by millions!

April is regarded as the hottest month of the year, so everyone gets involved with this country-wide water fight, as it brings great relief from the soaring daily temperatures.

From all of us at Select Representation, we wish our friends and colleagues a wonderfully wet Thai New Year ūüôā