Exciting news for Asia!

Sometime next year travellers will be able to fly direct to Iceland from Asia, or stop over in Iceland on their way from the US to destinations in Asia. The Icelandic budget airline WOW air is deciding which Asian destinations it will choose.

Making Keflavík a major international hub
Skúli Mogensen, the CEO of WOW air told the local newspaper Fréttablaðið that the airline expected direct flights between Asian destinations and Iceland would increase the number of Asian travellers visiting Iceland. Direct flights to Asia from Iceland would also provide travellers from North America to Asia a new option, a stop-over in Iceland.

Direct flights to Asia are crucial for the future growth of WOW air Skúli said. His hope is that Keflavík Airport will grow to become a major international hub for people travelling across the North Atlantic, not just a destination for travellers visiting Iceland.

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Next year the five year old airline will receive four new Airbus A330neo wide body jet airliners which have a range of 12 hours, allowing them to fly from Iceland to destinations in the Far East without refuelling.

Information above provided by Iceland Magazine 2017 c/o Select Representation.