Supporting rewarding causes that you care about, not only benefits the charities, but it can be deeply rewarding for you too. Many people give to charities to support a cause that they believe in, as well as, for the positive effect it can have on their own lives. However big or small a charity may be, supporting a charitable organization should be something every business should get involved with. Besides giving something back and helping a great charity , there are also lots of business benefits. We at Select Representation have chosen to support ‘International Animal Rescue’ and we will be actively spreading the word of their great work, whilst trying to gain support for this wonderful non-profitable charity.

In June 2018, Select Representation will help to organise the 5th annual UK Tour Operators versus Thai Hoteliers football match in Pattaya, Thailand.  This popular event (which is now part of the TTM + trade show official schedule) is planned to take place at Pattaya United’s stadium.  Marcus and Jonathan will ain to provide both teams with t shirts with the International Animal Rescue logo on the back.  Looking forward to the pre match photoshoot ….and promoting the wonderful work done by this superb charity!