Listen, I have never been a supporter of keeping animals captive but I recently came across a quite unique concept, combining animal welfare with tourism.  Normally, I would be the one complaining about tourists paying money to have their photos taken with wild animals and I would be the one saying that animals should be free to roam around in their own world but KP Zoo Cafe (near Phaeng Waterfall in Koh Phangan – Thailand) gave me a slightly different outlook. Yes, I still believe animals should be left in their preferred environment but at at least KP Zoo Cafe has the animals well-being as top priority. Ultimately, this is a cafe, with the added benefit of exotic animals close by.

KP Zoo cafe opened in January 2019.  The owner KP really cares about the animals and treats them like his own family. Fortunately, there are no staged shows here and animals are free to move around the grounds.  You are guaranteed to find deer, turtles, roosters, parrots, fish, lizards …and much more. Located at the entrance to one of the islands top attractions, KP Zoo Cafe offers good value international standard food and drinks.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Koh Phangan, then you won’t go wrong with the 4* Phangan Bayshore Resort on Haad Rin Beach.  Just 3 mins ride from the ferry pier to Koh Samui, set on a stunning beach and close to a variety of bars, shops and eateries.   Haad Rin Beach is famed for the monthly Full Moon Party but this only takes place 1 day each month. The rest of the time the beach is surprisingly scarcely populated….much too many visitors delight.

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This article was written by Jonathan Wilkins from Select Representation (20Feb19).