From traditional antiques and vintage treasures to innovative design and modern art, Old Town Central is a treasure hunter’s dream!

Roaming through the streets and alleys of this unique district, you’ll find a melting pot of all that is old and new, with something for everyone to discover. Packed full of stores and markets, Old Town Central offers a fascinating mix of items which cannot be found anywhere else.

Those who love history may find themselves completely absorbed in the antique shops and stalls lining Upper Lascar Row. The seemingly endless row of antique stores offer an eclectic collection of Chinese calligraphy, arts and vintage furniture.

Continue your walk, and just a few steps away lies the community of PoHo, a quiet district where shops selling goods from around the world are nestled between hip galleries and tea houses. Those interested in design and vintage items will enjoy this bohemian neighborhood.

Stroll down Staunton Street and break up your day with an unforgettable meal in SoHo, with foods from all around the world. On the other end of this street, you will find the art hub of PMQ, with over 100 design and creative enterprises.

Our Old Town Central Guide will walk you through all the neighbourhoods, so you won’t miss a thing. Show your clients just how much there is to explore in the treasure trove of Old Town Central.

Best of All, It’s in Hong Kong!

The team at Select Representation believes that there is so much more to Hong Kong than meets the eye. Why not combine this fun treasure hunt with a stay at one of the many superb Regal & iclub properties that cover most locations in Hong Kong?

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