Saving animals from suffering around the world

Supporting rewarding causes that you care about, not only benefits the charities, but it can be deeply rewarding for you too. Many people give to charities to support a cause that they believe in, as well as, for the positive effect it can have on their own lives. However big or small a charity may be, supporting a charitable organization should be something every business should get involved with. Besides giving something back and helping a great charity , there are also lots of business benefits. We at Select Representation have chosen to support ‘International Animal Rescue’ and we will be actively spreading the word of their great work, whilst trying to gain support for this wonderful non-profitable charity.

What is International Animal Rescue?

‘At International Animal Rescue we do exactly what our name says – we save animals from cruelty and suffering around the world.  Our work includes cutting free and caring for dancing bears in India and rescuing captive brown bears in Armenia.   We rescue orangutans from the threats posed by deforestation and human conflict, as well as, slow lorises and other primates in Indonesia and Costa Rica.  Wherever possible, we return rescued animals to their natural environment, but we also provide a permanent home for animals that can no longer survive in the wild.  As human populations expand, wildlife comes under increasing threat. By rescuing individual animals belonging to species like the orangutan and reintroducing them into protected areas in the wild, our work also plays a role in the conservation of the species as a whole. We work to educate the public in the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals. Sound scientific evidence forms the basis for our decision-making and determines the course of our rescue operations. In all that we do we aim to find practical solutions that benefit both animals and people. We also work with other like-minded organisations and government departments to strengthen legislation to protect animals from cruelty and neglect.’

Get Involved

‘Our fundraisers, volunteers and supporters play a vital part in the work we do to rescue vulnerable animals. We couldn’t do what we do without you, so if you’d like to get involved with International Animal Rescue we’ll support you however we can’.

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‘The work of International Animal Rescue is funded entirely by public donations. Your support is vital if we are to make a lasting difference to animals’ lives. Your gift today – whatever sum you choose to give – will help us save animals from suffering and give them the expert treatment and care they need’.

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‘Some animals stay with us forever and depend on us for lifelong care because they are no longer able to fend for themselves. By adopting one or more of the permanent members of our family, you can help us keep them healthy, happy and safe and support our work rescuing and rehabilitating other animals too. In return, you’ll become a special friend to an animal in need.’

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Contact International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue | Saving animals from suffering around the world

Registered UK Charity number 1118277

Lime House Regency Close, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1DS, United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0) 1825 767 688


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