What We Do

Select Representation has gained a reputation as one of the leading travel representation, PR & marketing companies for inbound business to the Asia Pacific and Indian subcontinent regions. This success has been achieved by working very closely with a diverse collection of quality partners and, of course, strong travel industry connections. Each client is unique in their product type and therefore require a tailor-made service specific to their own individual objectives.

In simple terms, we aim to create positive results for our travel partners by undertaking the following key activities:

  • providing a professional, personalized and proactive UK based location on the ‘doorstep’ of some of the key players selling ‘long haul’
  • providing regular face to face sales calls and communication with small, medium and large scale travel related companies
  • introducing new partners while maintaining and expanding existing client bases
  • assisting in the planning and implementation of suitable sales and marketing plans
  • providing support to the reservation, product and contracting personnel by product awareness training, incentives, sponsored social activities and assistance with FAM trips
  • negotiating and contracting on behalf of our clients
  • assisting and escorting client visits and providing representation at relevant trade shows and travel industry events
  • assisting with proof reading of websites and printed material
  • advising on basic fire, health and safety requirements
  • providing regular reports to include actual / potential leads, market trends, competitor activity and product feedback
  • enhancing our clients’ unique selling points to ensure that their products are considered for inclusion within printed and / or web based material
  • providing a cost effective medium
“To travel is to live.”
“People don’s take trips. Trips take people.”
“Travel is the other thing you buy that makes you richer.”