We all love a great photo, yet bizarrely many of us do not even own a ‘proper’ camera.  When making reference to a ‘proper’ camera, I mean anything other than a mobile phone or iPad.  It’s true to say that in recent years we have moved away from the traditional way of taking snaps, to the more conventional mobile handset or similar.  The fact is, that most people now carry a ‘camera’ with them on a daily basis and, this in turn, has led to a greater number of instant images being made available.  You don’t even have to be an expert to take home memories of your travels, as the latest phones allow you to tweak and enhance images… to look far better than taken!

During my travels I tend to take many shots of things of interest to me.  Of course, they may not be the best or very interesting to others BUT do I really care?  No, I simply snap away to my hearts content and on my return home download them somewhere safe.  Maybe one day I will take a look at them or use them for work purposes (the quality is not good enough for that!).

How about you?  Do you take lots of photos on your holidays or work trips abroad?  It would be fun to see some of your favourite shots, taken from your mobile phone (not from ‘proper’ cameras).  Here’s some of mine.  Okay, there are potentially much better pics in my extensive database BUT these were some taken in 2018, on my travels around Asia and the Indian subcontinent (mainly from Myanmar, Maldives and Thailand).

Article written by Jonathan Wilkins from Select Representation on 27Dec18.  Select Representation is a sales and marketing company that specialises promoting hotels and dmc’s from the APAC region to the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Netherlands and Belgium.